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2015 Mandatory Training Requirements Continuing Education FY 21-22

Continuing Education Courses Fiscal Year 21 - 22

Download the PDF version of the program requirements here.

The following courses will satisfy the CPTP Continuing Education requirement under the 2015 Mandatory Supervisory Training Requirements. Learners may take any one of the courses below to earn the credit.

  1. SCS Comp Judgment WBT (Course title in LEO: CPTP SCS Comp Judgment WBT)
  2. SCS Comp Values Diversity WBT (Course title in LEO: CPTP SCS Comp Values Diversity WBT)
  3. SCS Comp Initiative WBT (Course title in LEO: CPTP SCS Comp Initiative WBT)
  4. SCS Comp Results Oriented WBT (Course title in LEO: CPTP SCS Comp Results Oriented WBT)
  5. Adapting to Change WBT (Course title in LEO: CPTP Adapting to Change WBT)
  6. Change Management WBT (Course title in LEO: CPTP Change Management WBT
  7. Developing Effective Teams 1 WBT (Course title in LEO: CPTP Developing Effective Teams 1 WBT)
  8. Developing Effective Teams 2 WBT (Course title in LEO: CPTP Developing Effective Teams 2 WBT)

WBT indicates web-based training. ILT indicates instructor-led training.

During the course of the Fiscal Year (7/1/21 – 6/30/22), each of the courses above will impart two qualifications. One qualification imparted is the course completion qualification. The second qualification imparted is the CPTP Continuing Education qualification (designated on transcripts as CPTP Continuing Education FY 21 - 22). It is this qualification that is used to track compliance with the continuing education requirement. The continuing education qualification will only be imparted beginning July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. If the course is taken prior to July 1, 2021, the learner will only receive the course qualification and not the continuing education qualification. CPTP will not add continuing education qualifications for learners who completed the course prior to July 1, 2021.

2015 Supervisory Group Core

2015 Supervisory Group 1

2015 Supervisory Group 2

2015 Supervisory Group 3

SCS Foundations for HR Professionals

Performance Evaluation System

Professional Trainer Certificate

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