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Preventing Sexual Harassment

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Training Courses

Preventing Sexual Harassment - WBT

This course is designed to raise awareness regarding the prevention of sexual harassment. The course contains interviews with individuals who are considered field experts on the topic and prevention of sexual harassment. This course offers general knowledge of what could be considered sexual harassment along with practical steps that can be taken to prevent sexual harassment from happening in the workplace. This course also offers printable resources that can be used to assist with increasing awareness and/or responding to potentially sexually harassing situations. This course meets the 1 hour training requirement as outlined ACT 270 of the 2018 regular session.

Instructor Led Training

Materials are also available for the Preventing Sexual Harassment course for all employees so that a facilitator from your organization can teach the course. The materials include an MP4 video, a facilitator’s guide, and a customizable certificate of completion template.

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors - WBT

This course is designed to raise the awareness of supervisors regarding the prevention of sexual harassment. The course includes a self-assessment to help supervisors identify potential areas for improvement. The course also presents practical strategies supervisors can use to prevent sexual harassment in our workplace. This course meets the requirements for supervisors to receive training on preventing sexual harassment as required by ACT 270 of the 2018 regular session.

Investigations - WBT

This course provides you with an overview of conducting investigations. This course includes printable resources that you may find useful. If you are investigating an official claim or incident, your agency policy should be followed carefully. This course is meant as a guide only. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to recognize pros and cons of workplace investigations, avoid common mistakes in workplace investigations, identify common types of workplace investigations, and implement key steps to successfully conduct workplace investigations.