1. Who conducts the Comprehensive Public Training Program?
  2. The Comprehensive Public Training Program is housed within State Civil Service (SCS). Program policy is set by the State Civil Service Commission. The instructors and web developers are SCS staff members.

  3. How do I get in touch with the CPTP Office?
  4. The CPTP main number is 225-342-8539 and the email address is _SCS-CPTP@la.gov.

  5. Who can participate in the program?
  6. The CPTP was established by the legislature in 1979 to "upgrade professional, technical, and managerial skills of state employees." All state employees are eligible to participate in appropriate classes with permission from their state agencies.

  7. How is the program funded?
  8. CPTP is funded through fees assessed to agencies having Civil Service employees, and through legislative appropriations for specific purposes. The amount of the agency fee is based on the agency's classified employee payroll.

  9. Are classes available to non-state government agencies?
  10. CPTP offers a few select classes to governmental entities outside of state government. The courses are:

    • Cybersecurity Awareness
    • Managing Teleworkers
    • Preventing Sexual Harassment for all employees
    • Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors
    • Teleworking for Employees

    These courses can be requested using the request form, here. Once complete, the form should be returned to _SCS-CPTP@la.gov.

  11. Where are the classes taught?
  12. Classes are taught at central locations in major population areas including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport, Monroe, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Lafayette and Hammond, as well as on-site at agencies statewide. CPTP also provides an extensive library of online training courses. A schedule of classes is maintained online in LaGov Learn on the My Learning tab.

  13. What equipment do I need to complete online courses?
  14. Learners will need the following equipment to complete online courses:

    1. Computer with Internet access
    2. LaGov Learn user account
    3. Speakers or headphones (optional)

    See your agency's training coordinator for more information.

  15. What computer/software requirements are necessary for CPTP web courses?
  16. OTS recommends that learners use the latest versions of Chrome or Edge, never Internet Explorer.

  17. How long will each online course take to complete?
  18. Each online class will take approximately one hour to complete, but times will vary between individual learners.

  19. I forgot my password. What should I do?
  20. Use the “Forgot password? Locked?” web link to retrieve your password. You will need your Success Factors User ID and email address, and you must be able to answer your security question.

  21. I can't get courses to open. What do I do?
  22. While course issues in LaGov Learn are rare, should you encounter an issue, OTS recommends that you clear your cache.

  23. What if I don't pass an online course assessment?
  24. If you have trouble passing a course assessment, you can repeat the online course material as many times as needed. You can review the entire course or only the sections you had trouble with. There is no limit to the number of times you can review the course sections.

  25. Where do I go for support?
  26. In the LEO home page in the Shortcuts on the right, you will find a link to contacts for help and LaGov/LEO system requirements. In addition, my Training Quick Reference guides can be found in the links on your LaGov Learn My Learning page. If additional assistance is needed, learners should contact their agency’s Training Coordinator. Help desk tickets can also be submitted from the help page.

  27. I have questions about training and/or LEO. Who should I call?
  28. Please contact your agency's training coordinator for assistance. Agency training coordinators should contact _SCS-CPTP@la.gov with any questions regarding training issues and submit web help desk tickets for problems with LaGov Learn.