CPTP SCS HR Foundations

The CPTP SCS HR Foundations Program was created with the needs of new state HR Professionals in mind. The program will provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully perform their jobs while also adhering to SCS Rules. Participants will learn about the background and purpose of SCS as well as their role in ensuring that state government employs a competent workforce based on merit system principles.

The program is broken into two groups: SCS Basics and State HR Essentials. The courses in SCS Basics must be taken first and in succession, however, after that, the learner can take the courses in any order they choose. We’ve provided additional courses, that while not essential, are useful resources for HR Professionals.

With a few exceptions, all courses are web-based. This decision was made with two thoughts in mind. First, it allows the learner to take the courses at their convenience from their desk, which limits the amount of time the learner will be away from the job. Second, web-based courses can serve as a just-in-time learning solution that learners can access to help them through certain tasks.

Learners can access courses in two ways: by being assigned the program or by accessing courses individually. Assigning the program has many benefits including the ability to set a deadline for program completion and track completion of the program. Assigning also ensures that the employee can see all the training courses on their Learning Assignment in Learn. Agency Training Coordinators are able to assign people in Learn through the "Manage Assignments" tab in the Learning Administration section of Learn.

While the program is not required, SCS highly encourages new HR Professionals to complete the program as they will find the content useful. The program provides both the foundation and the framework within which the state’s HR Professionals operate.

HR Foundations