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Prohibited Political Activity FAQs


May I sign a petition in support of an issue/candidate?

You may not sign a petition in support of a candidate; only an issue. Classified employees are free to support or oppose issues involving bonded indebtedness, tax referenda or Constitutional amendments.

May I run for office?

No. Classified employees cannot run for any office except the employee representative on the Civil Service Commission. The prohibition against running for office extends to local, state and federal races.

Can I wear a button/T-shirt/mask/other article of clothing with a political affiliation or candidate?

No. Wearing campaign apparel suggests support of a political party, candidate or faction or, in the least, suggests opposition to the opposing party, candidate or faction.

I currently have a part-time job as a DJ during the evenings and weekends. I have been asked to DJ for some upcoming political functions. Can I do this as a classified employee?

Yes, you can perform for fair market value. You must charge your customary fee. If asked to announce the candidate on the mic, you can only announce the candidate, nothing political in nature (e.g., “Vote for Candidate!”).

I have recently retired from classified service. Can I put up a yard sign in support of a candidate now?

Yes. If you return to the classified service, even in a classified WAE position, you would again be subject to the prohibitions.

Can I sign a recall petition?

Yes, but you cannot take an active part in the recall (e.g., share the petition, promote it or oppose it, coerce or forbid others to sign).

Can I attend a "Get Out and Vote" rally or concert?

You may attend the rally or concert so long as the function is neutral, not sponsored by a particular political party or candidate and targets all voters, not just supporters of a particular candidate or party.

My son is a paramedic and will be on stage for a particular candidate and political party rally. I would like to go to the rally to see my son, can I attend?

No, your attendance at the rally could suggest your support for that candidate and/or party. A neutral observer will not know that your only interest is seeing your son on stage.

I own a concession stand and sell concessions on the side as a part-time job. As a concession stand seller, I have been asked to sell concessions at a political function. Can I do this? Can I take a picture with the candidate?

Yes, you can sell concessions on the side in your usual employment capacity and at regular prices. No, you cannot take a picture with the candidate. While taking a picture with the candidate may seem harmless for your personal use, others may use the picture or a copy of it or a third-party picture taken of you posing with the candidate and post it or use it for promotional purposes, again giving the appearance of support.

Can I belong to a political party as a classified employee?

Yes, but you cannot be active in the party by managing it, contributing funds, etc.

Can I run for the school board?

No. Classified employees cannot run for any office except the employee representative on the Civil Service Commission.

Can I attend the inauguration?

Yes. The election is over and you would no longer be showing support for a candidate.

Can I attend an election night party?

You may attend an election night party that is not a primary election to be followed by a run-off. If you don’t know if there will be a run-off, delay your attendance at the party until you are certain as to the election’s outcome.

Can I host a non-fundraiser meet and greet for a candidate?

No. This would be considered political activity because it supports that candidate.

I rent a home from someone who is very active politically. The landlord has placed a sign in the yard of the home I rent. What can I do to protect my classified job?

Inform the landlord by way of text or email (some communication that you can keep a copy of) that your job prohibits your participation in political activity such as placement of a sign in your yard and request that the sign be removed. If the landlord won’t remove the sign, be sure that you can show that the property is not owed by you (your rental agreement), that the sign was placed there at the decision of your landlord and that you requested its removal (your copy of the communication to the landlord will show both of these things).

My neighborhood association is endorsing a candidate for city council. I’m the treasurer of the association. Can I continue to maintain that leadership role?

You cannot participate in deliberations regarding a possible endorsement. If an endorsement is made, you must step away from your leadership position until after the election.

Can I attend a meet and greet with the Republican candidates running for office in the upcoming election?

No, you may not attend this event if only the Republican candidates have been invited to attend. Your attendance at this event could show your support or appearance of support for a particular party. In order to attend, all candidates from all political parties must have been invited to attend.

Social Media

Can I, as a classified employee, engage in political activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform?

You can follow a candidate on social media for informational purposes only. You cannot actively engage on that social media page (e.g., post, like, share, comment).

What if a "friend" on social media is following or liking a candidate's page? Do I need to "unfriend" this person to protect my job?

No, but be cautious. You cannot comment, like, or otherwise respond to any posts the friend makes that are political in nature.

Can I "follow" the President/Governor on social media platforms?

Yes, but for informational purposes only.

Spouses of Candidates

My fiancée is running for office. Can I participate in any political activities in support of their campaign?

No, there are only exceptions if the candidate is your spouse.

Can I be in pictures with my uncle who is running for office?

No. You cannot pose in a picture with your uncle for political purposes.

My husband is running for office. Am I allowed to go door-to-door canvassing with my husband to meet the people of his district? It would not involve donations, only for him to meet constituents and explain his platform.

You may go with him but you cannot separate from him and individually canvass door-to-door for him.

Can I run errands and walk around town wearing my husband's campaign t-shirt?

No. You may only wear apparel supporting your spouse’s campaign while you are with your spouse at a political or social event.

My husband put a political sign in the yard of the home which we share. I told him he’s going to get me fired since I’m a classified employee. He told me he’d bet me a steak dinner that he can put the sign in the yard. Who’s right?

Get your wallet out. You owe your husband dinner! He can put a sign in the yard of your home you share because he has rights too. Just make sure that he requests the sign, he picks up or accepts delivery of the sign and he puts the sign in the yard or oversees its placement. You may have nothing to do with the sign.