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Compensation - Position Descriptions

Please be aware: Submitting false statements on position descriptions is a violation of State Civil Service rules which may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination!

Position Description Form

Key Facts About Position Classification

Position classification IS NOT based on:

- volume of work

- quality of work

- value of employee to organization

- length of service

- probable loss of employee to a better position

Position classification IS based on:

- the kind of work performed

- the level of difficulty and responsibility of the work performed

- the knowledge, skill and abilities required to do the work


Occupational Groups
    Records Management and Office Support Services
    1. Clerical and Records Management
    2. Purchasing, Supply and Sales
    Fiscal Services
    1. Accounting and Auditing
    2. Insurance
    3. Rate and Financial Analysis
    Administrative Services
    1. Legal
    2. General Administrative
    3. Executive Administrative
    4. Human Resources and Employment
    5. Information Technology
    Information and Education Services
    1. Planning, Research and Management Analysis
    2. Marketing, Information, and Library Sciences
    3. Training and Education
    4. Museums and Cultural Arts
    5. Educational Television
    Health and Social Services
    1. Professional Medical
    2. Social and Mental Health Services
    3. Therapeutic Treatment
    4. Personal Care and Support
    5. Non-professional Medical
    6. Laboratory and Diagnostic
    7. Facility Administration
    Enforcement and Investigation Services
    1. Industry and Natural Resources Regulation and Control
    2. Health and Sanitation Regulation and Control
    3. Transportation Regulation and Control
    4. Agricultural Regulation and Control
    5. Law Enforcement and Investigations
    6. Correctional Security
    Engineering Services
    1. Professional and Administrative Engineering
    2. Architecture
    3. Technical and Support Engineering
    Institutional and Trade Services
    1. Custodial, Domestic and Grounds
    2. Food Services
    3. Labor, Maintenance, and Trades
    4. Vehicular Operations and Maintenance
    5. Printing Services
    6. Radio and Electronic Communications
    Recreation, Conservation, and Agriculture
    1. Farming, Food Production and Processing
    2. Parks, Wildlife, Conservation and Forestry Services
Responsibilities of Various Personnel in Preparing and Acting on Position Descriptions

The supervisor is responsible for:

- Assigning and reassigning duties

- Counseling employees on the features and requirements of the classification system

- Preparing official position descriptions for his or her employees OR reviewing position descriptions prepared by employees and commenting on the accuracy and clearness of the information

- Explaining the duties to the employee

- Discussing the position's duties with the State Civil Service classification consultants during position allocation reviews

The employee is responsible for:

- Recording the position's duties accurately on the position description form OR discussing duties and responsibilities with the supervisor

- Explaining the duties to the State Civil Service classification consultants during position allocation reviews

The personnel officer is responsible for:

- Explaining the features of the classification system and offering advice on the preparation of position descriptions

- Reviewing position descriptions and recommending the proper job title

- Submitting position descriptions to State Civil Service

The State Civil Service classification consultants are responsible for:

- Reviewing position descriptions and allocating positions to the proper job titles

- Conducting position allocation reviews to obtain more information about positions

Writing a Position Description: Getting There in Four Steps


  1. What am I doing, why and under what conditions?
  2. Is this the way my supervisor wants my position to operate?


  1. What are the major duties of my position?
  2. How could my major duties be grouped together in a logical manner?
  3. How much time do I spend on each of my major duties?
  4. Which minor duties should I include in my position description?


  1. Begin with a mission statement.
  2. Begin each duty statement with an action verb.
  3. Be as brief as possible.
  4. Organize the information in a logical manner to give a picture of the work being performed.
  5. Include the time spent performing each major duty.


  1. Have you covered all the important facts about your duties?
  2. Have you presented your information accurately?
  3. Have you avoided overstating your duties?

If so, sign your position description in the space provided and submit it to your supervisor.

reviewed 3/2011