Compensation - Career Progression Groups

Career Progression Group is a pre-defined list of titles, typically within a job series that may be used to hire and reallocate employees for recruiting, training and retention purposes. Initial placement and movement within the group is based on a combination of experience, duty assignments, competencies and performance.

Allocations are made to the highest job within each group that the duties support and may be under filled at any point in the corresponding job group. For example, this does not mean that all Accountant 1’s may automatically progress to Accountant 3. However, a position allocated to Accountant 3 may be under filled at any point in the corresponding job group.

Also Note:

Lead-workers typically function at an advanced level based on complexity of duties, specialized skills, or as a primary assistant to a supervisor. Management Interns are not included on these lists, but may be used as the entry level in any professional job series unless there is a minimum qualification that includes a specific licensure requirement the intern does not possess.

To view individual groups, please click below. Career Progression Groups are listed alphabetically (as much as possible) within each occupational group.

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