Employee Relations Resources - Paper Agency Resources

     What is a Paper Agency?

    All Louisiana state agencies are required to enter their personnel actions into the statewide computer database in one of three ways: direct entry, electronic transfer of data or submitting information on paper to be entered by the Units of Local Government POD of State Civil Service. Agencies that report personnel actions to State Civil Service through entry from submitted paper forms are called "paper agencies."

    Most paper agencies are small, self-funded or federally funded agencies. Some are quasi-state entities such as housing authorities, levee districts, and ports. Some, like boards and some commissions, are under the umbrella of one of the twenty major state agencies. The employees of paper agencies are designated by law as part of the classified service in state government. The law also requires that any appointment (hiring) or change in status of a state employee be reported to State Civil Service within 30 days. State Civil Service then provides the data entry function into the LaGov HCM system (formerly called ISIS-HR).

  •     Personnel Action Reporting Forms
  • Below are the forms you will need to submit an employee’s information to State Civil Service for processing into LaGov HCM. Our forms are updated as needed. Please use the most current form to avoid delays in processing. All forms must be signed by the appointing authority before submitting.

    All Personnel Action Reporting forms can be found below, and there are three ways to submit them to State Civil Service:

    1. Scan as a PDF and Upload the Change Form via Paper Agency Portal
    2. Fax form to (225) 219-0151
    3. Mail form to Department of State Civil Service
      Units of Local Government POD
      P.O. Box 94111, Capital Station
      Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9111
  • Applicant Flow Report
  • Exemption from the Classified Service Request Form