Agency Workforce Profiles

The Agency Workforce Profiles Report provides information on all classified permanent and probational state employees in order to assist agencies in developing workforce plans. The profiles are snapshots of an agency’s workforce as of the end of the prior calendar year. The information is organized according to EEO-4 job categories and provides the following:

  • Number of employees (number of employees in the respective category and the percentage of total classified permanent and probational employees in your agency that this number represents)
  • Average age of employees
  • Number of employees that retired last year
  • Retirement statistics (number of employees currently eligible to retire but not in DROP, employees currently in DROP, and employees eligible to retire within five years.)

    Note that this information is only on classified permanent and probational employees in LASERS. If you have employees in a different retirement system, this data will not be accurate for those employees.

  • Years of Service (based on adjusted service date)