Employee Relations - Contracts Exempt From Civil Service Approval



  1. Faculty members leading trips or doing research projects.      9/11/92
  2. Continuing education workshops.      9/9/92
  3. Supervising teachers and principals at universities.
  4. Legal contracts from universities.
  5. Education consultants and research contracts from the Board of Regents.
  6. Medical/radiological contracts for care of students.      2/23/99
  7. Interagency agreements/contracts with other universities for research projects.      2/23/99
  8. Subcontracts/subgrants using federal funds to conduct research projects.      2/23/99
  9. Professional design/engineering services for building/construction efforts.      2/23/99
  10. Radio/TV broadcasters for university sports.      2/23/99
  11. Instructors for various classes in Continuing Education Program, revenues generated by registration fees.      2/23/99
  12. Banking services for colleges and universities.


  1. Federal research subgrants.      6/16/97
  2. Specialized training and technical expertise for LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute.
  3. Research subgrants for private, state and federal grants, such as those funded by the Louisiana Transportation Research Center and the Louisiana Oil Spill Research Center or to support adaptive management of Coastal Restoration.
  4. Services of licensing agents for subsidiary rights to books published by the LSU Press.
  5. Services to provide educational assessment testing to help identify LSU student-athletes with learning disabilities.
  6. Services to provide graphic designers and post production editing services.
  7. Services for the fiber and network design for the Louisiana Optical Network (LONI).
  8. Services to operate the telephone crisis interventions/suicide intervention services for students.
  9. Services to provide fitness services to assess and improve the wellness and physical readiness of Louisiana Firefighters.
  10. Services for the Truancy Assessment Service Centers primarily funded by Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).     10/19/2005
  11. Nadine Carter Russell Endowed Chair in Art and Design.
  12. Services of instructors or companies that provide specialized training and technical expertise for courses provided by the National Center for Biological Research Training.
  13. Consultation and proposal writing services in conjunction with departments seeking state, local or federal grants.
  14. Services of coaches and their companies to provide services in producing and providing radio, television and internet programs, and other activities that promote the University Athletic Department.
  15. Contracts to provide telephone surveys on programs for the LSU Public Policy Research Lab.
  16. Multi-media services including video and audio production, audio/visual services, cd/dvd production, flash development, animation, online interactivity, website development, sound and lighting services, and touch screen kiosks.
  17. Recruitment services for students.
  18. Background checks for candidates of employment.
  19. Executive Search services for high level professional and faculty positions for unclassified positions.
  20. Consulting/Support services for software where the contractor is the sole source for providing such services such as the SIRSI Unicorn Linux software.
  21. Consulting Services for addressing medical pricing arrangements with current medical providers in an effort to contain medical costs.


Cooperative Agreement which names the person who is to perform the scope of services and supplies the funds for the work to be done. The work is always at a professional level and would not be performed by classified employees. Typical examples of work are as follows:

  1. Provide expert advice to Business Development Services organizations receiving USAID funding to initiate implementation activities.
  2. Provide technical support for interagency research programs.
  3. Provide overall technical coordination of activities under the Food Crops component of the ATUT project in Egypt.