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Chapter 9: Probationary Period

9.1 Probationary Period

(a) Probationary periods of no less than six months or more than twenty-four months shall be served by employees following appointments to:

  1. Permanent positions following certification from an open competitive eligible list except as provided in Rule 9.1(h).
  2. Original appointments to permanent positions under the provisions of Rule 23.3(a).
  3. Non-competitive re-employments based on prior service, except as provided in Rules 17.23(a) and 9.3.

The probationary period shall be an essential part of the examination process and shall be used for the most effective adjustment of a new employee and for the elimination of any probationary employee whose performance does not meet the required standard of work.

(b) A permanent employee who is promoted, transferred, reassigned or demoted to another position shall not be required to serve a probationary period in the new position.

(c) A permanent or probationary employee who is appointed to another position following certification from an open competitive eligible list is considered a new employee in the new position and shall serve a probationary period no less than six months or more than twenty-four months in such new position.

(d) A probationary employee who is permanently transferred, reassigned, or demoted to another position shall be eligible for permanent status in the new position between the sixth and twenty-fourth month of the probationary period which began prior to the change in position(s).

(e) A probationary employee may be separated by the appointing authority at any time.

(f) A former employee who is appointed from a department preferred reemployment list is not required to serve a probationary period in the new position.

(g) The probationary period of a part-time employee shall be computed on the same calendar basis as though he were employed full time.

(h) An employee who has served at least 24 months in a job appointment with no break in service may be appointed to the same position, or a position in the same job title, in the same agency without serving a probationary period.

9.2 Permanent Appointment Action Following Probationary Period

(a) Permanent appointment of a probationary employee shall begin upon certification by the appointing authority that the employee has met the required standard of work during the probationary period.

(b) A permanent appointment must be reported to the Director in the manner he prescribes.

(c) The appointing authority shall separate employees who have not been certified as permanent at the end of the twenty-four month probationary period in accordance with the provisions of Rule 9.1(e).

9.3 Interruption of Probationary Period for Military Purposes

A probationary employee who is absent for military training or military active duty in excess of thirty consecutive calendar days, shall be returned to duty in the probationary status at the point he reached in the probationary period before leaving. Absences of thirty consecutive calendar days or less shall be counted as part of the probationary period.

9.4 Repealed

9.5 Concurrent Full-Time Status

An employee cannot attain permanent status or acquire other rights and benefits of permanent appointment for more than one full-time equivalent position in State service.