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Chapter 25: Training and Workforce Development

25.1 Provision of Training

The Department of State Civil Service shall institute, develop, conduct, maintain and otherwise provide for continuing programs of in-service training and education through the Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP). This training is designed to improve the supervisory, managerial, and other generally applicable skills and expertise of classified state employees.

(a) Training content shall be instituted, developed and provided through the use of statewide benchmarking tools including needs assessments, program evaluations, competency modeling, or other industry-acceptable methods.

(b) All training information, including course schedules, course material, performance support material and electronic training as well as individual training records will be maintained in accordance with the Director’s policies and procedures.

(c) The in-service training and educational programs may be made available to other public officials and employees and to other participants, provided such participation does not have the effect of denying access to the program to any classified state employee.

(d) The establishment of training through these rules does not preclude an agency from developing or implementing agency specific training for its individual needs.

25.2 Mandatory Training

(a) The Director shall establish mandatory training for employees who occupy or are appointed to designated supervisory, managerial, or administrative jobs.

(b) Each department shall advise employees who occupy these jobs of the training requirements.

(c) Employees who fail to meet the required training within the specified period of time may be disciplined or removed in accordance with Chapter 12 of the Civil Service Rules.