CPTP e-Learning Architect Certificate Program

The eLearning Architect Certificate Program (EAC) guides participants through a series of courses and assignments designed to cultivate the diverse knowledge and skills necessary to develop eLearning courses.

The program builds on SCS TD's proven process for eLearning development. As participants work through our process, they will learn both the theories and the practical skills required for creating eLearning courses. All assignments and course materials are designed to help participants succeed in the Capstone Project – the creation of an original, functioning eLearning class - at the end of the program.

This program uses a cohort model in which participants will progress through the program together, up to a certain point in the curriculum. After mastering the foundational skills, participants will move into the self-study part of the curriculum, which allows them to work at their own pace. Participants can complete the program in as little as 6 months or as long as 9 months. Each cohort is led by Talent Development Specialists - the EAC Coaches - to ensure participants receive consistent, personalized support and feedback. In addition to leading the virtual classes and providing feedback on submissions, EAC Coaches will be available for additional instruction and support during established "Office Hours" and for one-on-one Virtual Coaching sessions.

The eLearning Architect Certificate Program (EAC) is intended for novice training and development professionals or subject matter experts for whom creating eLearning is a secondary duty.