The State Civil Service PODS model – Proactively Optimizing and Delivering Strategic-solutions – exists to better serve the needs of each state agency. The PODS model will allow SCS professionals to dedicate efforts to a small group of assigned state agencies to learn each agency’s individual mission, vision, goals and workplace culture. Through this collaboration, State Civil Service and state agencies can Proactively Optimize and Deliver Strategic-solutions to critical government workforce needs challenges and opportunities.

PODS are teams of state civil service professionals that integrate all workforce functions (e.g. classification, pay, staffing, compensation, employee relations, etc.) into a combined single unit to address workforce needs.

Each POD will be headed by an Agency Relationship Managers (ARMs), whose mission will be to build and maintain relationships with our key stakeholders: human resources directors and agency leaders. ARMs will administer tailored consultation to state agencies through the supervision of PODS.

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