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Greetings from the Director of State Civil Service

Civil Service Director Shannon Templet

New CPTP Homepage Introduced

I am excited to announce launch of the new CPTP homepage. This new CPTP homepage will assist state employees with accessing information regarding training in a streamlined and efficient manner. It will also assist agency Training Coordinators in their efforts to access information regarding any training-related matters including scheduling of classes, course catalog listings, and mandatory training requirements, as established through Civil Service Rule 22.10.

A great feature of the new CPTP website allows users to enroll in courses in LEO by clicking a link located adjacent to each course description. This will significantly simplify the process of enrolling in courses. Contact our Training/CPTP Division if you have questions about the new site.

Office Closure – The Louisiana Department of State Civil Service and the Baton Rouge Information and Recruiting Office will be closed on Friday, April 18, 2014 for the Good Friday Holiday. There will be no Civil Service testing on this day.

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Approved changes to Civil Service Rules 6.14, 6.15(f), 6.16.2, 17.14 and 17.16 and adoption of Civil Service Rule 6.8.2

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