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Greetings from the Director of State Civil Service

Civil Service Director Shannon Templet

Recentralization – Committed to Providing Prompt and Efficient Customer Service

As state agencies enter into the new fiscal year, State Civil Service is excited to expand its services to heads of state agencies and the human resources community. As part of this effort, SCS recentralized, effective July 1st, two core components of its constitutional authority, the process of allocating classified positions and qualifying applicants for classified job announcements. The authority for these processes was previously delegated to state agencies. By recentralizing these functions, however, we believe more time will be afforded to the human resources community to focus on strategic human resources initiatives at the agency level. It is our commitment to continue to provide prompt and efficient services to agencies so they are able to fulfill their missions.

As always, State Civil Service will continue to use its regulatory authority to focus on providing a human resources system and structure that maintains and perpetuates the merit system, in addition to providing the citizens of Louisiana a regulatory mechanism in which state agencies will operate.

*Please note that the State of LA is not responsible for postings viewed outside of the LA Careers system. Applicants must apply during the open period for announced vacancies, and late applications, no matter their source, will not be accepted

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