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A message from Civil Service Director Byron P. Decoteau, Jr.

Civil Service Director Byron P. Decoteau, Jr.


State Civil Service is asking displaced state employees who cannot get in touch with their agency to call us at (225) 342-8272 or email SCSInfo@la.gov. We will obtain the employee’s name, agency, and current location and phone number. Any information we receive will be forwarded to the appropriate agency contact.

For information on Office Closures and Leave Issues, please see General Circular 2016-021. For information on Exceptions to PES Deadlines, see General Circular 2016-022.

State employees should be aware of the following phone numbers to call, which will be updated with information regarding office closures: 1-800-360-9660 or (225)342-0498. Please continue to monitor updates from the Commissioner of Administration for any additional closures that may occur.

*Please note that the State of LA is not responsible for postings viewed outside of the LA Careers system. Applicants must apply during the open period for announced vacancies, and late applications, no matter their source, will not be accepted

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